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Inspiration Show LA

Posted on: Monday, March 2, 2015

The thing about having a creative job is, you have an incessant need to be inspired--to have new ideas to display and to create an environment that makes customers want to linger and shop.

We had been hearing from a handful of our vendors in Los Angeles about a show they set up once a year called the Inspiration Show LA. Now this sounded like just what we needed! It is held in February on the second Saturday of the month--the day before the Rose Bowl Flea Market. All the vendors are either vintage 1900's to 1980's or they are Americana trades. It's very evident why this is called the Inspiration Show.

It was just as amazing to see what people were wearing as well as selling, it was the best of the best!

The Levis booth had on display different details on their jeans from the late 1800's to current, and also had a working custom embroidery machine on hand.

I particularly loved all of the signage and textiles, and lots of vintage bikes and and and we will definitely be going again!


Spring Reveal!

Posted on: Friday, February 27, 2015

We spent all week shifting, hanging, gluing, rearranging and styling to get the store Spring ready. It is brighter, sweeter and there are more blooms than ever! Take a virtual look at our flower chandelier, oil paintings galore, deconstructed chair and scarf banner...

 come take a look for yourself!

Weekly Six: 2.25

Posted on: Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six vintage picks. We constantly update our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Our little red riding jacket! In preparation for April's showers, grab this flannel lined and apple red coat to keep you warm, dry and looking good.

2: Springtime is just around the bend, and we are finding ourselves drawn to all things floral--even dishware. This set will have you dinning in harmony with the season and bring a little sunshine to your afternoon tea.

3: Tall, ornate, and paired together, these lamps are larger than life in more ways than one. Make a statement with your houseguests, and never read in the dark again.

4: This pendant lamp is quite the statement piece with its stained glass, ornate floral trim, and bird decals on every panel. Time to shed some light over your dinner table (and your chef skills.)

5: Where would you put this mirror? By your front door for a quick check on the way out? In place of that less-than-attractive medicine cabinet?

6: We have our eye on this bench! It must have been birthed from a saw horse and antique farm table. We love it's thin, yet sturdy profile.

Vintage Care: Rugs

Posted on: Monday, February 23, 2015

Finding a rug with a unique pattern and ideal color palette is a gem worth treasuring. And when you find that area rug, it ties the entire room together. To keep your interior design from unraveling over the years, we have a few upkeep tips for your various foot cushions. Often vintage and antique rugs are delicate due to their age, so it's key to treat them extra special. We have put together some basic care tips for different rug types, categorized based on the material/style they’re made with. Outside of basic vacuuming, it’s best to take your rugs out to a covered patio or outside space to really get your deep cleaning on.

Shake talcum powder (FYI: baby powder is made mostly with talcum, you can use it) all over onto your rug, and let it lie for 2-3 hours. Then brush the powder through the hair and shake, shake, shake. Repeat up to three times.

Then to clean the bottom, get a cloth damp with warm, soapy water and wipe down—let it air dry, and put back in place. 
For a real deep clean, the thing to check is for waterproof backing. For rubber or latex backing, use a top loading machine, arranging evenly around the agitator (try throwing in a couple towels to balance the load). Set the machine to large load and cold water, only using half the amount of detergent (rugs just don’t need a lot)—dry on fluff. When it’s all dry, take a wide-tooth comb and re-fluff the fur.

These next two types may come with fringe, in which case you want to avoid that fringe with your vacuum at all costs. When washing, divide the fringe into groups and tie them with a string—keeps detangling to a minimum.

Before snagging the first cleaning product off the shelf at your local drugstore, be warned: DO NOT use ammonia or any other highly alkaline cleaner, it’ll damage the wool. If you’re not sure whether or not your rug is wool, snip a piece and light it with a match—real wool will smell like burning hair.
Start by turning your rug over and vacuum the underneath—it loosens the deep down nitty gritty and moves it to the surface. Then, flip the rug right side up and vacuum the top (tip: wrap nylon mesh around your vacuum to protect delicate and older rugs). If it’s small enough, hang it on a clothesline next and beat it like Michael Jackson or shake it like Taylor Swift.

For a really deep clean (it’s a good idea to do this kind of cleaning every 12-18 months—aka every Spring), put the small rugs in a zippered pillowcase or mesh laundry bag and wash in cold water on gentle, then tumble dry low. With large area rugs, make sure it is on a vinyl or concrete floor first (if wood is the only option, put an old blanket or towels underneath). Sponge some commercial carpet cleaning foam on and rub it in—ending by rinsing or vacuuming, letting it dry completely before replacing.

Take a vacuum to it first, front and back. These are good ones to shake and beat outside, too. For washing, use a top loading machine, arranging evenly around the agitator (try throwing in a couple towels to balance the load). Set the machine to large load, cold water and delicate cycle—only using half the amount of detergent (rugs just don’t need a lot). These are best hung dry—on a drying rack, slatted picnic table, or stacked bricks—hanging them on a single line will distort the rugs shape.

Any good tricks of the trade? Share your foolproof rug care tips below!

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