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Now Open! Huckleberry Market

Posted on: Monday, July 21, 2014

These tenants have really spruced up our ole haunt! Now open at 1335 Walker Street, Huckleberry Market is teeming with creativity, plants, and hip home goods. Shop hours run Tuesday-Friday 10-5p, Saturday and Sunday 10-3p.

Home to florists, a permanent Grow Nursery pop-up, a photographer, artist and lots more, Huckleberry Market is a found gem in San Luis Obispo. Look forward to workshops, curated gift baskets, art shows and fresh cut flowers coming from this tiny space. Oh, and they'll have coffee and donuts for sale on weekends, plan accordingly.

We are so excited for this new biz! Make sure to make it to their Grand Opening August 1-3, where rumors of an Art After Dark debut, Rushmore movie night, and more donuts are in the works.

Way Out West: Solvang

Posted on: Friday, July 18, 2014

Welcome to long days and warmer nights, Summer is here! It's also time to stretch your wandering limbs and explore: in this blog series we will be highlighting the great things to see and do Way Out West. You don't need to step far from our coast to discover great adventures-make it a day or a weekend, grab your sunhat and go...

This trip was to see the play Noises Off in Solvang. We popped off the 101 in Orcutt to grab an ice cream from Doc Burnstein's and came across a $1 yard sale. We had to stop and shop. I couldn't help myself from asking the price of an item, all yelled "$1!".

Our second stop was in Los Alamos. Love this lil town, so much charm, and life goes a bit slower here. One of our favorite shops we love to stop at is Keane's Eclectic Antiques, it's very small but packed with very eclectic items. We came out with a handful and left behind items I still can't forget.

Can't say how many times we've driven by here and not stopped to investigate, but today we did.

The Skyview Motel, located right off the 101: you can see it from the highway at the top of a hill. The insides and surroundings are so roadside retro and super charming! There is a new tasting room on a patio with amazing views! If you love retro, go by soon--this motel was recently purchased and will be renovated with a more modern approach.

Dinner at The Hitching Post

Ostrich Land, the place you drive by and say 'Who goes there?' Well, we do! Love the roadside novelty! It's definately worth the $4 entry, and they even had a tacky gift shop (we say that in a loving way).

At our destination! The Solvang Theater: an outdoor theater with perfect evenings with a lap blanket. Out front of the theater is a grassy picnic area you can bring in food to picnic beforehand, or purchase treats here. We brought in a lil pink box from a nearby bakery (tons of them) and the night was perfect!

The Weekly Six

Posted on: Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stephanie's road trip did not come back empty handed. The shop is full of updated finds, and we want you to be the first to see them! Before we open our doors today, check out our top six picks. Without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Friends, Romans, ducks: welcome gnome. Even Mary, in her most contrary state, cannot deny well placed lawn art brightens anybody's day. Whether a sleeping gnome underneath the mushrooms or a bust keeping watch over the herb garden, you and your plants will enjoy having a new friend, or two, around.

 2: Give me an R! Greg spent many a game cheering his team to victory, don't let his efforts go unnoticed. This megaphone will make your voice heard, whether it's a call to dinner, a soap box proclamation, a genuine cheer, or a call to your roommate in the other room. Whatever it's use, it will Represent, Reach, Retaliate, Revitalize (you got your R!).

3: Working hard or hardly working? Keep your mind well distracted with a good prism paperweight! Hypnotic at every angle, it will not only keep your papers in place, but give you something to do when you have nothing to do (or too much you'd rather not do, we know how it goes).

4: Your solid dress feeling drab? We know just what it needs, a bit of flair! Take a spin in this belt with its beaded detail, genuine cowhide leather, and silver arrowheads. Guaranteed to cinch and style.

5: Oh, deer. These delicate wood carvings bring the outdoors in and the deer out of your garden. Don't deny your space a little rustic touch, grab one of these forest creatures today!

6: It's raining men...'s boots, that is. Gentleman's shoes, flannels, work belts, etc have been flooding into the store, and in high demand. Hallelujah!


Posted on: Monday, July 14, 2014

With moving into more days and a bigger space, we needed to bulk up our staff a bit. Lucky for us and as always, the perfect person fell right out of the sky and at the register. Meet the newest addition to our Ruby Crew, Kurt Haacker! Native to San Luis Obispo, we like to think we discovered a hidden gem, both on stage and off. A recent theatre grad from PCPA & current intern, we have seen a few of Kurt's performances and plan to see many more (watch out Broadway!) as he launches into his career. In the meantime, he keeps us and our customers entertained around the shop, working as our one and only salesMAN.

Kurt is the man of the shop. He does whatever Stephanie or Kim tell him to, whether it's grabbing lunch, moving heavy items, or reaching things out-of-reach. When he’s not, find him onstage acting. With his sweetly gregarious personality & matched talent, we know he’s headed for the stars!

He more than proved his keep during the renovation of our space, Kurt stripped, swept and kept us smiling more than we could have asked for. We know you will love him, his acting, and what he brings to Ruby Rose, welcome Kurt!
Stop by the store Wednesdays, Fridays or Sundays to have the pleasure of meeting Kurt.

Talking Walls & Good Mojo

Posted on: Friday, July 11, 2014

If your walls could talk, what would they have to say? 

When we first stepped into our new building, all empty and ours, we knew it had a story to tell. It wasn’t until after the previous tenant had packed up and gone we could truly see all the spaces’ architectural elements and oddities. Painted walls, floors and beams seemed to be shielding its long history of tenants past. In readying this space we wanted to expose and restore this buildings’ story—which had curious tales. As we worked, people stopped in to share memories of the space and what they had been told of it: the ole Schwinn bike shop, the lovely ladies of Old World Charm, the caskets which lived in the now condemned upstairs (with or without bodies? Were friendly ghosts taking up residence alongside us??), and its move from downtown.

And then we started stripping paint, determined to expose the beams (they are our favorite part of this space!). Layers and layers came to the surface: red, cyan, yellow, brown, white…with each color our curiosity grew. After a trip to the SLO's History Center, we started to put together our dear buildings’ vintage. San Luis Obispo has a full history of its own, this place is worth a walk through! Here’s what we collected…

Before it was 1235 Monterey Street, its foundation was originally built downtown just after the turn of the century. After its move, it got into the postmortem industry, housing the Palmer Mortuary Sales Room (new caskets not old ones—no ghosts!) during the 1930’s. Then in the forties, SLO Cyclery replaced bikes with caskets. They shared the space with Lucille and Leslie Adams of Westside Auto Mechanics, on the corner of Monterey and Johnson at the time (the original MOJO residents). These two stuck around for quite awhile, into the fifties, new layer of paint, and a tenant switch. 

During this decade, our building housed offices for the County Farm Bureau, Occidental Life Insurance, and the Cal Farm Insurance Company. Starting to feel cramped with all these people, along with Leslie and Lucille, the Farm Bureau petitioned for more space. After being denied, they schemed amongst themselves, and noticing a few things in disrepair—markedly the stairway upstairs—they got the city to condemn the second floor as unlivable. Then the square footage of the entire space lowered, and forced the powers that be to transfer the Bureau to offices with more elbow room.

After this sneaky maneuver, the upstairs has remained locked and largely untouched (we got a peak and it is full of vintage fixtures-- not including caskets, dead bodies, or bikes). The first floor remained offices of agricultural bent until 1963 when a local general contractor, Dennis B Wheeler, Jr, took over. He began Ken’s repair shop, selling and fixing motorcycles and Schwinn bikes here and next door (currently the Antique Center). We saw remnants of his signage on the storefront as we hung our letters up! Until the millennium, it bounced back and forth between motors and petals, and even being filled with sand to display Sea-Doos (and we thought we had some creative display ideas!).

Here is where you may remember Tracy and Jenny of Old World Charm, who swept out the sand, painted the door with a wreath, and brought in the olds. Slotique took over for them the last couple years until we set up shop last month! 

So many have contributed to the good mojo we’re feeling at this spot. Come check out the leftover paint on the edge of the beams, and notice the original lathe plaster exposed around the rooms. If you’ve been a SLOcal for awhile and remember coming into Ruby Rose before it was Ruby Rose, we’d love to hear your stories of good times’ past!

The Weekly Six

Posted on: Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six picks. We are constantly updating our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Every good trip starts with a good suitcase. Lug this round, blue Samsonite (I was way off!) on the road, in the air, or on the sea housing your romper, hat and a great pair of shoes for added glamor and ease. Don't forget your sunscreen.

2: Wedding season is in full bloom, and what are you to wear? We love the flirty dresses in store this week, including this beauty. Round copper embellishments add texture and fancy to this sweet pink dress. Look better than your best as you celebrate the love of loved ones this summer.

3: Wedding attire for your date, too! Bolero, bow tie or belt buckle, what's your flavor? Snag all three and make your go-to suit look different every time...everyone will be too focused on your accessories to notice that jacket helped catch the last groom's garter toss.

4: Sit back and put your feet up awhile, an ottoman is a tired foot's best friend. Full of color to match any room, this woven wonder will keep your room lookin good and your relaxation station, well, relaxing.

5: Summer job got ya down? Work harder than ever as the sun beams stream in through the window with this vintage leather desk chair! Simple, yet productive, it will ease the summertime sadness and get you the paycheck you need for that much needed vacation.

6: Shorts for smelling the roses, smelling the roses in your shorts. Pockets, cotton, bold prints, these cooler than cool shorts have it all. Pair with your bikini top and head straight to the beach, no stopping til you get there.

Way Out West: New Mexico

Posted on: Monday, July 7, 2014

Welcome to long days and warmer nights, Summer is here! It's also time to stretch your wandering limbs and explore: in this blog series we will be highlighting the great things to see and do Way Out West (check out last week's!). You don't need to step far from our coast to discover great adventures-make it a day or a weekend, grab your sunhat and go...
Never one to turn down an adventure, I agreed to join a friend of mine on a road trip to her family reunion, driving from San Luis Obispo, CA to Truth or Consequences, NM. The trip totaled just under 3,000 miles and most days the weather was expected to be well over 100 degrees. Needless to say, the journey was daunting, but who wouldn't love the chance to explore a handful of cities in Arizona and New Mexico, to snap some photos, eat yummy food, and see some great sights? 
With the help of and many recommendations from locals, we found lots of fun stops to break up the long driving days. Here's some tips in case you ever find yourself in any of these cities:

Sleep in a teepee at the Wigwam Hotel 

Stop at rest stops to get a great shot of the mountains. Avoid rattlesnakes.
Eat at the Dinosaur McDonalds

Truth or Consequences has a population of just under 6,500. But the city, more commonly referred to as T or C, does not lack an interesting history or things to keep you busy on a vacation. The city was originally called Hot Springs, named for the naturally occurring spas throughout the area. However, in 1950, a radio show by the name of Truth or Consequences announced that it would be broadcast from the first town that renamed itself after the show. Hot Springs won that honor and thus the name of the city was changed. 

Enjoy a bathe in a natural hot spring while staying at the La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa
Float down the Rio Grande and enjoy the serenity of the river
Find some good old diner food with plates bigger than your face at BBQ on Broadway 
Cool off from the heat at Elephant Butte Lake
(unnamed 11 and 12) Take a day trip to the nearby farming town of Monticello

Take photos of cactus. There's not much else to do and they're quite photogenic.
Drive through the Petrified National Forest at sunset.

Abandon your dreams of sleeping in only cute, kitschy motels, and give in to air conditioning and gambling at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino.
Buy Starbucks from said casino and enjoy the comforts of civilization again after days spent driving through the desert.

Drool over the beautiful treats at Bottega Louie
Buy some souvenirs and eat some Mexican food at historic Olvera Street


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